When we have children a part of us thinks they will be small forever, but we know deep down that we will be sending them off into the big wide world soon enough and it is our job to equip them as best we can. But at some point before that they will determine they are ready to deal with life on their own, in their own way. They decide that parents don’t know everything (we don’t) and they do (they don’t either). I want to hug this mum and tell her that when it happens all we can do is wait for them to come back to us. Because they do. Lara, Unsigned Editor

Tomorrow, I will lose a little part of you. Sounds weird doesn’t it? I can’t quite describe how I know, or even why it happens, but the walls go up, the shell closes in and Snap! You’re gone.

This isn’t anything new, it’s probably happened every term, but I’ve never really noticed until now – in the years when it matters most. The years when peer pressure looms larger, future choices seem heavier and life stresses press in with a weight that seems to suffocate.

Why won’t you let me in?

I can’t seem to crack that hard shell any more. Not like I could when you were little. When you would look for me to rescue you from life’s harshest stings.

People say it’s time to start letting go. Time to loosen the reins and let you fly. But what if all I see is a black hole? Not one of bright lights, exciting opportunities and the stuff I dreamed of for your future.

I don’t like to pry and I know you like it even less, but has the cutting stopped? Have you stopped searching in the mirror to find a soul that has a purpose? Have you ceased staring at the perfect images you see, comparing yourself in the harshest of ways?

Have you?

I hope so. I really do.

Tomorrow, I hope that you will walk out of this door with your head held high. I hope that you will begin to believe in yourself and your future. I hope that you will one day understand why I ask so many questions (fear can make parents behave in the strangest of ways).

But most of all, I hope that you will always know how much I love you.