As my family’s home country, Saint Lucia  is very special to me (pronounced Saint lu-sha, not lu-si-a). I am therefore delighted that BritMums co-founder Jen and her family will be experiencing the island again soon and bringing that experience to all of  you. Bon voyage, Jen. Ed

No one ever steps in the same river twice, and you can say the same about any place you visit, especially with children. As they grow and change, the way the entire family holidays changes. They become more independent, they want more adventure and different types of activities. They want to hang out with you…until they don’t. And for us grownups — transformed by our experience as parents — we change too.

This October we return to St Lucia 8 years after our first visit. Then, my daughter was 3, just learning to swim and discovering the joy of sandcastles. Now, she’s 11, an avid sports player, looking forward to waterskiing and boat outings. Then, my stepson couldn’t come with us. This time, he’s 16 years old and will be reporting on the experience for the blog.

This trip is part of an exciting #EliteIslandFamilies project I’m doing with my BritMums co-founder Susanna Scott (A Modern Mother) and family travel blogger Cathy Winston (Mummy Travels).

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