It’s great to see some of us undoubtedly left school having accomplished at least some of the 100 things you should do at school before the age of 16. Fall asleep in class (tick); be hit in the face by a ball (tick); and my personal favourite… push a pull door. Happy to report I’m still doing that, thank you (proud face). Ed

TES surveyed 2,500 students to discover the experiences they value most at school

 Schools are not just places of academic learning, they are environments in which young people learn valuable life lessons and where they experience the things that will shape them as adults. Teachers and parents alike have strong views on what these lessons and experiences should be, but what do the students themselves value?

TES surveyed 2,500 secondary students – from across the maintained, independent and alternative provision sectors – to find out what they believe every pupil should have done at school before the age of 16.

Pick up the 29 July issue of TES for a free giant poster for the classroom listing the 100 things they chose, which looks like this:

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